I've built quite a few things over the years. This page aims to list most of them. I've split them up into personal, services (which I've launched through Voupe) and Open Source projects.

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My Projects

Florence Bot

A custom chat bot and giveaway system for Twitch couple streamers, Fremily. It's a project I've been working on over the past 4 years and has allowed me to learn a lot. It has multiple features along side being a normal chat bot and game giveaway system, such as tweeting clips of the stream out to a separate Twitter account and Timed Messages which uses Twitch's new announcement API.

Rails 7 Docker AWS S3 Twitch API Twitter API Cinch ActiveStorage ActionCable Turbo

Fremily Chat Extension

Along side Florence Bot, I've also built a browser extension which adds name colours and badges to the chat. This links with Florence Bot as chat badges and colours are set in the admin area.

A tool I built to help Twitch developers test their EventSub webhooks. I mainly built it for my own use but thought it would be useful to others.

Rails 7 Docker Twitch API ActionCable Turbo

Voupe Projects


A service which allows Twitch streamers to back their streams up to YouTube or Vimeo and allow viewers to watch them back with full chat replay, including emotes.

This is built using Rails 7 and uses a number of new technologies such as ActiveStorage, ActionCable and Turbo. This app required me to write a couple of gems such as youtuberb and vimeorb, which are detailed further below under "Open Source Projects".

Rails 7 Docker AWS S3 Twitch API YouTube API Vimeo API ActiveStorage ActionCable Turbo

Open Source Projects

I've created a number of open source projects which are hosted on my GitHub account. They are mostly Rubygems which I've made for my own use.


This is a Gem which I took over after I noticed the original maintainer hadn't updated it in a while. It adds functionality to Sidekiq such as limiting the number of jobs a queue can run at a time.


TwitchRB is a gem for interacting with the Twitch Helix API. This is used on most of my Twitch projects.


A gem for accessing both Paddle Biling and Classic APIs. I use this with a private Rails engine for billing in my apps.


A Ruby library for the Buildkite API.


A Ruby library for the Gitea API.


Ruby library for accessing the Lemon Squeezy API.


I'm now a maintainer of this gem which is an OmniAuth strategy for Twitch.


I'm also a maintainer of this gem which is an OmniAuth strategy for Patreon.


Used for sending events to


A Ruby library for interacting with the PayPal v2 API. Currently a work in progress.


Ruby library for the YouTube API. This is a work in progress.


Ruby library for the Vimeo v3.4 API. This is a work in progress.


Ruby library for the Printful API. This is a work in progress.


Ruby library for the Tiltify API.


A Ruby library for accessing WooCommerce v3 APIs.


A Ruby library for accessing the Ecologi API.