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Hillcrest Intranet

Bespoke Intranet for Hillcrest Animal Hospital (Ongoing Project)

Hillcrest Intranet

I helped build the Hillcrest Animal Hospital Intranet, which both the management & vets use on a daily basis to do their job. The Intranet is one of my largest projects to date which allows the management to manage clients, animals, prescriptions, documents and much much more. It was built on Ruby on Rails 3 (which will be upgraded to 5 soon).

Many external services are also used for much of the functionality throughout the Intranet. Emails are sent through DeliverHQ and there is also a text messaging system built with Twilio. Some areas of the Intranet are updated in real time using Pusher.

  • Rails 3
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • RSpec
  • Bootstrap CSS
  • Twilio
  • DeliverHQ
  • Pusher
  • AWS S3
  • Dropbox

Dean has become our go-to developer for all of our Ruby on Rails projects. We don't seem to be able to find a challenge for him that he can't deal with. Put simply, our projects wouldn't even get over the first hurdle without him.

Danny, Hillcrest Animal Hospital

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