I use many services and software to develop websites.

This is an update to my previous Software and Services I use and love post.


Sublime Text 2 - I use Sublime Text for all my web development. I especially love the keyboard shortcuts and the way Textmate themes work with it.

Google Chrome - Google Chrome is my main browser of choice.

Gitbox - I use this to manage and commit my git repositories. The command line is good but not all the time.

Sequel Pro - Used for managing MySQL databases for many of my sites in both development and production.

Ubuntu Server - Ubuntu Server is my server operating system of choice.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion - Mountain Lion is my main operating system. I run it on both my 27” iMac and 11” MBA.

Kaleidoscope - I use Kaleidoscope along with Gitbox to view changes to code.

Spotify - Simply the best music app & service. Unlimited songs for £10 a month.

Ruby on Rails - Ruby on Rails is brilliant. All of my web apps are created using it. The possibilities are endless with a great web app framework like RoR.


AppliHQ - AppliHQ is my hosting provider of choice.

CodebaseHQ - Codebase is my main hub for managing the source code of my sites.

PointHQ - I use PointHQ to manage the DNS records on all of my domains.

DeliverHQ - Incoming & outgoing email processing.

Sirportly - Sirportly is an all in one helpdesk & customer service application.

Gauges - Real time web analytics.

VPNUK - I use a UK VPN which gives me a dedicated IP which I allow through my AppliHQ firewall for SSH and admin access in my apps.

UK Backup - UK Backup are a company based in Southampton who provide FTP/SSH/RSYNC space for backups. My databases are backed up daily.

tddium - A service I’ve recently signed up for. tddium are a hosted CI service.

Postmark - I had 25,000 tokens free thanks to an offer so I use Postmark for some outgoing email.

Amazon AWS - Amazon have some great web services such as S3 and Cloudfront which I use for storage and to speed up my apps.

Rackspace Cloud Files - Rackspace have built a great Cloud Files service which is slightly cheaper than Amazon. Used for storing images for Desktoply and backups.

GitHub - I don’t pay for GitHub but I use it for all my Open Source projects.