Over the last 7 months I’ve been busy working on the new version of Desktoply and today, I am glad to announce that it is now live!

Check out the new Desktoply

The main thing you’ll notice, if you’re already a user, is the new design. It was all designed by Ed Wellbrook.

Desktoply now supports Android devices, including the Google Nexus 7, Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Zoom and it also has support for the Nokia Lumia 800.

Of course all the new Apple devices are already on Desktoply, including the iPhone 5 and iPad 3, along with the Cinema Display, Mac Mini and Mac Pro.

I’ve added a Pro feature as well which gives you extra features such as no ads, unlimited desktops & homescreens and user badges. You can see my Desktoply user badge in the sidebar on the left.

Oh and one last thing? something very special will be launched soon. cough iOS app cough

What do you think?