Getting Started With Graylog2 for Logging

10 September 2011

I have written a new post for installing the new version of Graylog2, 0.9.6. and sending logs to it - Check it out!

In this blog post I will show you how to install and setup Graylog2 to manage logs on a Ubuntu 11.04 64bit server.

I have had problems with Not the service itself but that rsyslog keeps not wanting to send logs all the time. Because of this I am going to setup graylog2 in a virtual machine to try it out.

The only application I installed when I created the virtual machine was OpenSSH server. I won’t go through the installation of Ubuntu Server because it’s simple enough.

The first step I did after installing my Ubuntu virtual machine, is setting the static IP to

Here are the steps involved in getting Graylog2 setup on a clean Ubuntu Server. The easiest way to get it running is to use this tutorial.

Server Installation


Web Interface Installation

*+ Install the required packaged sudo apt-get install ruby1.8 rubygems rake make libopenssl-ruby ruby-dev build-essential git-core

In another post I will go though how to add a host and setup log forwarding to the new Graylog2 server we have just setup.

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